And another summer ends…

They say Labor Day marks the unofficial end of summer.   It’s a bittersweet feeling – I love autumn and I love living in New England because of its gorgeous fall weather, but its hard to say goodbye to a summer that was just stellar!  I had a wonderful one, filled with lots of new places, several miles of running and biking, and hundreds of pages turned over.  Each of them deserve a blog post of their own.  I will definitely be reviewing the books I have read over the summer, as well as do a photo essay of sorts showcasing the two US National Parks I have visited.

This summer, I only had one road race, a half-marathon in one of the Boston suburbs.  I still have a couple more road races in the fall that I am currently training for, a 5k on the third week of September, a 7.3 mi run on the first week of October, and another half-marathon the week after.  I was also able to log more miles than ever on my purple bike, riding it in and around Worcester and the bike trails of West Boylston and Sterling, as well as navigating the crazy streets of Cambridge to get to the Minuteman Bike Trail.  I was also able to fulfill a little “pledge” (if you will) – not to wear jeans/denim pants from Memorial Day to Labor Day.  It was hard, but I was able to put my skirts and shorts to good use.

Lab-wise, I got a lucky break with one of my experiments.  I am currently trying to get things done in order to have these results published by the end of the year.  My thesis however is slow-moving, with some constraints I have no control over.  I am not disheartened though because I know that things will turn around, just as seasons turn around.

And with that, I bid summer of 2010 a sincere and heartfelt adieu!

Taken by Moi on August 28, 2010 at Bass Harbor, Maine

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