A book from my childhood

If there is one book about Philippine history that has changed my life, it is this book – The History of the Burgis.  I have read it several times when I was only 8 years old, thus nurturing a natural curiosity and fondness that I have for history and politics.  It is filled with vivid illustrations, catchy and witty essays, and an easy-to-follow narration of important events in Philippine history.  One of the illustrations that is imprinted in my head is of Juan Tamad resting under a guava tree, waiting for a fruit to fall.  It was accompanied by a funny, but insightful commentary about certain tendencies of  Filipinos and how these came to be. The History of the Burgis prompted me to read biographies of Filipino heroes and villains.  I guess the fascination for history that the Burgis book ignited in me helped me ace my history classes, from fourth grade to fourth year college.  I remember vaguely that it was destroyed by Typhoon Ruping in November of 1990.  Our house was submerged in flood waters for three days, and I was not able to save it.

For a while, I have been trying to recall the title of the book, for I only have a clear image of the cover page, but not the letters of the title. I only remembered the word “Burgis”.  I have googled the word burgis every now and then, but to no avail, until today!  Thank you Google  Image Search Engine!  I found it through a website called stumbleupon.com.  Now I can get it from Amazon!!!  Yipee!  I am excited to revisit this book again and relive my childhood fascination.

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