On a ranting mode…

I want to rant verbally, but I cannot.  I know I will only break down and cry myself to sleep.

There is just a lot in my head lately, most of them frustrations and irritations.  They are mostly about graduate school, which is 85% of what defines the current me (the 15% I don’t exactly know for sure…).  Everything that I do, or try to do, even the non-science stuff, always has some connection to grad school.  I just can’t seem to escape.

I’m not very good with talking things out, especially when it comes to negative stuff.  I don’t usually share my worries or complaints or disappointments.  I just feel that other people already have their own personal problems and I don’t want to burden them with my petty rants.  Add to that the fact that I always end up crying buckets and rambling on and on, always incoherently.

So, here I am in the open space of the world wide web, trying to make sense out of all this mess in my head.  And even here, I cannot sort things out.  But I feel much better.  At least I am able to dump this ranting frustration online and leave it here.  I just need to get hold of my non-grad school friend for a good, long phone call.  We’ve been missing each other’s calls for the past week or so.  Hopefully, it happens tonight.  I know she wouldn’t mind hearing my incoherent ramblings.  It’s always good to have a friend like that.

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